To learn about what is karma

Are you asking the question what is karma? Then the term karma is derived from Sanskrit language. It is one of the most popular Indian languages that have very oldest history on the planet. There are many ways in which karma has been represented in various religious and languages. Basically in Buddhist language, it is written in Pali language. The word karma has been recorded as kamma in Buddhism. According to Buddhism and Buddha, people were taught that we all are part of karma and no one can escape from it. We will be facing the consequences of the action that we have performed in the current life. The previous action could be done in the same life or in the earlier life as well.

Learning what is karma Buddhism
According to the scholars who have done a lot of research on what is karma Buddhism, it is actually the actions that are performed by every individual. Karma is referred as international actions it will be performed by individuals are the actions that we voluntarily do. There are other pieces of karma that has to be significantly understood in order to get a better understanding of it. But unfortunately, the term kamma is one of the pictures of puzzle related to understanding about karma as a whole entity.

Finding the explanation of karma
As per the scholars research on explanation of karma, who were able to understand about karma to a certain extent, the complete picture of kamma vapika is that for any action we do there will be accordingly a reaction to it. Vapika would be the result for the international action that we have voluntary performed. Karma was found to be one of the immense teachings during the Buddhist time. Karma in Buddhism is meant to be significantly different regarding the understanding about it during that point of time according to Buddhism karma was thought not as directly linear.