Ring setting and their types at James Allen

The James Allen is the well-renowned place to buy your diamond and other jewellery. It is created by four people and it is known as the world best privately owned diamond and jewellry store. It offers the flexibility to design the engagement ring or the wedding ring as per the desire.

They show the design of ring through 360 diamond display technology which is center of attention to many other diamond manufacturers across the world. The overall experience of over 60 year makes this a trustworthy place to go. Moreover, the james allen is the only retailer which offers more than 150000 diamond type and various ring settings which are mentioned below.

• Solitaire
The solitaire engagement ring is the engagement ring which is given by men who wants to propose their future wives. It is considered to be the iconic symbol of commitment which has alluring simplicity and striking beauty. This ring also shows the bold statement of women with the classic look.

• Pave
The gems are separated and placed with the support of little beads of the setting metal. The beads are pulled from the metal in the setting or they are separately soldered. The beads generally disappear in the background and this result in the common surface appearance of diamond or other gems.

• Channel set
A channel is created by the jewellers on the ring band by adding a small metal lip on each edge. Diamond or the other gems are embedded in this channel and lips are used to keep the stones securely in their place.

• Three stone
This type of ring also gives them more room when it comes to design. One can select the gemstone for their fiancee’s birthday, favourite color or the selection can be made depending on the month they are going to get married. This type of engagement ring offers the uniqueness of another type of the engagement ring.