Random Runner, a traditional but modern coin swallow

Currently Random Runner is an online game that allows you to play from the comfort of your home but without losing the mystique of traditional slots, it is an old game that was very easily found in casinos, in a few words they were the ones sought in the casino, they still are, but this time you can have it at your fingertips without having to go to a casino, but you can play it on your computer or mobile

This new format keeps its touches challenges, in a few words the only tangible difference is that you can play it somewhere else than the casino, Random Runner has been in charge of keeping all its originality intact.
The symbols of the game are the well-known group of fruits composed of lemons, watermelons, oranges, pears, plums, melons, grapes, and cherries, accompanied by bells, stars and the number 7. The special symbol is the crown, identified as “Scatter” and that to go 3 times in the same roll, multiply by 20 your bet. With a combination of 3 stars, you can earn 200 credits and with 3 watermelons 100 credits.
The base game is developed in the lower reel and is divided into 3 sections. All bets cost 1 credit. The reels can be kept or released at the player’s convenience thanks to the retention buttons. The cherries can be combined with other symbols achieving small wins of 2 credits. And if you get at least one cherry on the first roller, the machine makes a self-assessment that allows you to earn 4 credits
The winnings of this base game are transferred directly to the winbank and having won at least 4 credits can be played at the top level.
Fun has evolved with Randon Runner because you can take the fun to the place you want, every day there are more people who play this great game online, do not miss the opportunity and enjoy as if you were in a casino playing a slot machine