Proximity Marketing Beacons: Tips to Choose the Best One

It is important to keep updating your business ways. Be it advertising or to upgrade better product or customer support, the updated you will be the better business you can do. proximity marketing beacons are the best way nowadays to advertise about your store and about your products to the consumers nearby. But there are many companies which offer proximity beacons. So you may face problem in selecting the beacon for your business. And it is important to buy the best one or else there will be no advantage to use the device. So here are some important points you must look after while buying a beacon:

Sensor capacity:
the most important thing is the capacity of the beacon. And here the capacity of the beacon means its sensor quality. The sensor of the proximity beacon can be notified across 50 to 100 meters. But according to a different company, brand different beacons have different sensor capacity. According to the location of your store, you have to decide which will be best for your business marketing.
the proximity marketing beacons comes with a battery which is chargeable. When choosing the beacon it’s important to look the capacity of the battery. The better the battery would be the more it will go. Also, it is advisable to check the USB port of the beacon. Choose the beacon which supports various USB port wire to charge it.

Sturdy outside:
the proximity device has to be installed at such place from where it can spread the highest amount of signal. There are chances that you may need to install the device on a wall or such places. So it is better to choose the beacon with sturdy outer cover. The sturdy cover will protect the device from outside damages.
Proximity marketing beacons price:
you will find many kinds of proximity marketing beacons with a different price. According to the battery and material, the costs vary. It is advisable to buy the beacon according to its features and not by its cost.