How to wear makeup with gold and black evening dresses?

Getting ready for the evening formal dinner or an evening auction is of great importance. This is because of the fact that a woman loves to get ready and look good among all the females in an event. Most of the times the dress picks are gold and black evening dresses . This is because of the fact that these are the type of the colors that look good on every single type of a person. Wearing a dress that is very much flowing and the cuts are also very unique earns appreciation from the whole gathering. So the jewelry to go along with the dress must be delicate and very antique. The shoes must be either black or metallic gold colored.

The makeup must be very subtle to go along with the gold and black evening dresses. Firstly, the application of a primer is the first step that is to be applied to the face along with the foundation. For the equal application of foundation, the beauty blender must be used. Next, the concealer is to be applied to the eyes to hide the dark circles and on the nose to get its perfect contouring. The makeup application is an art that is to be done step the step. The concealer is also blended into the face and after that, a compact color corrector is used which is pigmented.
The eyes are the essential part so some of the ladies prefer to wear just dramatic eyeliner to go along with gold and black evening dresses. However, smoky eyes, which have a metallic, look with black and gold looks very classy and gives attractiveness to the eyes. The blending of the eyeshades must be very neatly done. The centers of the eyelids are highlighted with a shimmer and heavy mascara is applied to the eyelashes. A blush on along with the contouring of the cheekbones and the nose is also done. To finish off with the perfect look, a shimmering probe is applied to the cheekbone.