How to take care of your Housemaid (女傭)

Managing and maintaining a home on a daily basis is not an easy job. It requires dedication and discipline in order to get things running. It is in this regard that you need to secure the services of an Indonesian Maid (印傭). Her house cleaner duties should include the daily running of your household. This enables you to concentrate on other pressing matters. You need to realize that she plays a critical role in the lives of your family members. This means that you need to provide your Housemaid (女傭) with a conducive environment as well as,

• treat her with respect
• make her stay comfortable
• interact freely with her
• give her the freedom to work at her own pace
• respect her privacy
Before securing a domestic helper from an employment agency(僱傭中心),they advise you on how to treat her. This helps in ensuring that you have a long lasting relationship. Ensure that you treat her with respect. Doing this will have her reciprocate the gesture by doing a good job. Ensure that she settles in well and make her feel comfortable. Take time to know her as this opens up room for better communication.

Open communication lines

Communication will have your domestic help open up to you. This will enable you have a better understanding of her background and her life. This will have you friends asking which employment center is good? (僱傭中心邊間好). This is in a bid to get a house help similar to the one you have. Give her the freedom to work freely and at her own pace. This will ensure that she does a good job. Heed advice from the HL&C Employment Agency Ltd (康樂居)and give her the privacy she deserves. Do not barge into her room regardless of whether it is your home.