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After a myriad of painstakingly long recording session, an artist is finally finished with its work. But wait there’s more to it than meets the eye in the music industry. The only thing hindering an artist from publishing his/her work is the album cover art. It doesn’t matter whether the artist is a professional musician, a band, a DJ or even a seasoned podcaster in hopes of taking his/her podcast into a new level of excellence, an album cover design is essential to an artist of every field. In order to achieve an appealing artwork, an artist needs to work with someone who is expert in Graphic design.

Just a few days ago, a YouTube video with the title of Custom Mixtape Cover Design | Jay Critch was posted by a channel Mixtape Monopoly. The channel is an extensionto the website which offers services such as selling custom mixtape covers which are ready made and also a custom mixtape cover starting from a basic service that costs around 100 USD. The basic is cheap enough compared to other professional artwork designing website services. In the video, a graphic designer shows a time lapsed video on how to make an album cover from scratch.
The designer had chosen a very specific software named Photoshop CC due to its high mobility yet light weight in memory and also needs no state of the art hardware. First, raw photos of a rapper named Jay Critch and some other background photos were chosen from the internet, nextthe photo was cropped by using a polygonal marquee tool, the background is then replacedby a white plain canvas background at first. Next he fills in some scenes such as a car and a sunset in the background and also made the artwork more contrasted. After adding some custom typographies, the artwork is then finalized with some image retouch.