Few Basic Elements of Maplestory Game

Maplestory is a very popular game developed by South Korean company, named Wizet, and published by Nexon. It’s a free online game, though it can be played through maplestory private servers. There are a lot of such servers available online and some players prefer to play through them instead of Maplestory servers.

The game involves a player to explore Maple world and fight with monsters. The basic idea of the game is not to win only but also to build the character’s skills and update the status.

All players are the citizens of the Maple world. There are basically three continents in all versions: Maple Island, Victoria Island, and Ossyeria. In the game, each character created by a player can be subcategorized into classes and jobs. Meso is the main currency within the game. Meso is dropped by monsters. They can also be gained through completing quests and by setting Cash shop within the game. Cash shops are in-game stores that allow players to buy anything with real money. Character statistics (or in short, stats) show how strong or weak a character is. Quests are the various task that players do for Non-player characters( NPCs). Each quest has some requirements that each player must possess in order to begin a quest. They also get rewards in exchange. There are some special quests called as Party quests, that can be performed by only specific group of people in a party. Such quests generally reward high experience points and useful equipment whosoever completes them. Monsters are the natural inhabitants of the Maple world. Players have to kill them to gain mesos, complete quests, collect various items, and to level-up.
The all above are few basic elements of the Maplestory game. And to know more about it, it’s better to play the exam.