Embroidery san jose Versus Printing – What’s Better?

Different promotional items are usually used for advertising companies and their products. This means that when giving away freebies, like custom T-shirts, there should be an attractive logo of the company right on top. Many companies opt for printed logos on their custom shirts. They get services of reliable custom t-shirts san jose service providers who not just provide them with custom designs but also print company logo on the shirts. However, there’s an alternative option for getting logos on these custom shirts as well. They can opt for embroidered logos that look nice and great on the promotional items.

It requires a straight forward process to be followed. Embroidery digitizers are used for creating logo designs and then these designs are stitched over the custom shirts using embroidery machines. But, regardless of the process, how would you compare embroidery san jose with printing? Let’s do a bit of a comparison to find out which one is better.

Printing is always a cheaper alternative to embroidery. In fact, screen printing would be your cheapest available option. However, you should not consider the price only. As it goes, embroidered logos serve you best in the long run. It is a durable and wash-worthy option.
You can also mix different printing techniques with embroidery to come up with unique promotional items. Using embroidery, it is possible for you to incorporate various forms of appliqués, embroidered badges, 3D embroidery, etc.

So, if you are looking to create some custom shirts for your promotional campaigns while combining quality with economy, you can opt for a mix of both. Printing can be a cheaper alternative but embroidery can help you create that unique 3D effect. Choose a reliable provider of custom shirts san jose and get your promotional shirts printed. And, if they can provide you with the best of both worlds, that will be really great.