Can you get rid of bed bugs for good? – Solution to your age old question

Any kind of pests or bugs in your home can be harmful to you. It is therefore very important to perform some program to get rid of them temporarily. A normal pest control mechanism does not give you a permanent solution. There are some new techniques that you can try for permanent bed bugs removal. So, can you get rid of bed bugs for good? Let’s find a solution to this question.

Optional heat treatment
There is a special bed bug steamer available to do this heat treatment. If you wish, you can perform this before the actual residual treatment. You have to simply put water in the steamer, insert the plug, and then wait till the water heats up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The steamer would then spray hot steam killing many and disturbing their nest. Due to too much heat the bugs and the pests would die immediately. The handheld bed bug steamer is quite handy and easy to use; this is the perfect pre-treatment methodology to solve – can you get rid of bed bugs for good?

Can you get rid of bed bugs for good? – kill bed bugsin bed effectively
Steps to do before applying residual bed bug formula:
1. Remove the pillow covers and bed sheets from your bed.
2. Place the removed pillow covers and bed sheets into air tight bags that are tightly sealed.
3. Do not forget to remove any mattress coverings or encasements.
4. Place the mattress encasement as well to a tightly ducted air tight bag.
5. All these sealed pillow cases, sheets, and covers will be later washed with special bed bug detergent.
Scan your entire bedding area for maximum pest manifestation area and hit those areas heavily first. Check the folds between mattresses. Check the headboard and the box spring area as well.