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Runescape is a game that was released in January 2001. It uses a graphical browser game which is implemented on the client side in Java. The game starts in a medieval fantasy realm which has various kingdoms, cities, and other places. Players can travel through different place through a foot or by the mean of charter ships.

Every region in the games offers monsters and other obstacles that are needed to be conquered by the player. This way they enhance their skills and get the items after defeating a monster or crossing an obstacle. The fictional universe of the game is also explored by the tie-in video game on the other websites of its makers. Player is represented in different avatars or characters in the game. In the addition, there are several storylines that are running in the game, unlike other games where online one storyline is followed.

Player gets to access other players by chatting or trading. Players can select and fight with non-player characters like the monster in the game. The interaction between the different player can be combative or competitive in nature. Also, it may be cooperative or collaborative play for the players.

The sun escapes first public version was released in the beta form. This games popularity enabled the founders to rewrite it and hence runescape 2 was released later. The third iteration of this game was runescape 3 which got released in July 2013. The old school runescape was the older version of the game and is maintained alongside the original client.

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