Breasts Lifts Are Trending Up

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently declared a new plastic operation statistic that indicates that breast reduction surgery, also called mastopexy has increased in popularity among women throughout the previous ten years. Since the year 2000 the amount of breast lift surgery performed by plastic surgeons has increased 70 percent. Though breast augmentation surgery (breast augmentation) still outpaces mastopexies 2 to 1, breast lifts are slowly catching up with more than 90,000 surgeries performed by ASPS member surgeons.

Which are the explanations for breast lifts?
1. Saggy breasts
2. Surplus breast skin
3. Moderate breast atrophy or quantity loss
Usually, women who have nursed their kids, experienced alterations in fat, or have been born with ptotic breasts are candidates for mastopexy operation. Aging and gravity also requires a toll on the form and position of the breasts. Based on ASPS stats, 70 percent of breast lifts in 2013 were performed on women between 30 to 54 years old.
Who’s a good candidate for breast lift surgery?
Patients not interested in increasing the size of the breast with implants that still have an adequate amount of breast tissue for an elevator are perfect candidates for the operation. Not positive whether you’re a candidate? Try out the pen test. Put a pencil below your breasts. If the pen is easily held in position from the torso, then the sagging of the breasts could be improved with surgery.
How is the operation performed?
Typically mastopexies are performed under a general anesthesia with the individual completely asleep. Nonetheless, in certain scenarios, patients that just take a small lift may quickly undergo surgery while awake using a local anesthetic that is injected around the breast skin.
The operation itself does demand incisions around the areolae and at times round the lower parts of their breasts that will lead to strategically positioned, but visible scars. The duration of time that it requires to perform the lift surgery is contingent upon the amount of lift required and also the amount of extra skin that’s needed to be eliminated to make a greater breast lift Singapore. Time of operation may vary from 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.