Bitcoin’s story from $1000 to $8000

Gone are those days when you had to carry bundles of cash when you were travelling or shopping or going to see a doctor. Digital and cashless transactions have made our lives way too easier. Especially in India, have you seen the reduction of queues in banks? Yes this is what digital assets, cashless money transactions and cryptocurrencies have done. There were days when banks could look like a crowded concert and you had to lose a day’s work. With bitcoin exchange in India, this face has changed and will change some more.

Bitcoin is definitely an amazing invention. But ask yourself, does anything ever come without disadvantage? Bitcoins are highly volatile. This is just one thing that’s stopping it from overpowering physical currency. This year bitcoin started at one bitcoin equal to $1000 and right now it has crossed $8000 barrier already. But it has also seen a downfall quite recently. That scares off investors from investing large amounts. Although it’s not like it is losing its popularity in fact it has stirred more interest and forced people to reckon its fate. It is slightly a challenging task to grab the Best bitcoin rate because the best rate is just for the moment. It changes constantly.
Many apps which provide other services have started to try out bitcoin cash. In fact companies like PayPal and Microsoft also have started to offer bitcoin services to their services. With these large companies trying out bitcoin cash this is going to rule the world. And very soon the best bitcoin exchanges will be the top bitcoin exchange in India. Bitcoin is getting love from the world and these bitcoin exchanges will be able to make huge chunks due to its constantly growing surge. However, it is yet to be completely understood.