Best Protective Paintball Masks

Though the incidences of blindness in paintball are extremely rare, the effects are so serious one must take precaution in any way times. When finished playing, a barrel blocking device must be installed immediately on your paintball gun to avoid any accidents from an accidental shooting. Protective eye wear must be worn even if walking off the field after the game is finished so long as there continue to be players carrying guns. Most eye injuries from paintball happen more from being hit by the shrapnel that arrives in the bursting shell, instead of a direct effect into the eye. That is the reason complete Skull paintball mask is preferred within eye care only goggles, but both are acceptable provided that they have the right security score.

While buying protective eye wear for paintball, it is ideal to buy from a licensed dealer. This way you’re certain to select from a choice of masks and goggles which have been formally deemed as secure for the game. When there are lots of varieties of goggles and protective masks available for various sports, just masks and lenses which have an approved evaluation by the ASTM are acceptable for paintball.

Protective lenses for paintball come as either a pair of goggles or a complete face mask. Paintball goggles are more compact, lighter and more follow your face covering only your eyes, which make them easier to maneuver in, nevertheless offer no protection for your sensitive skin of their face or head. Though your eyes are totally protected when wearing goggles, getting hit in the face with a high velocity paintball isn’t pleasant. Skull paintball mask offers you complete protection for your face with a few versions even covering parts of the head. While complete face paintball masks are more protective, they’re bigger, lighter and more clumsy, but the hottest. With a great deal more surface area compared to goggles, paintball masks offer you a larger range of styles and colors to pick from.