Advantages and disadvantages of using cheesy pick up lines

Using cheesy pickup lines can be advantageous to some while disadvantageous to others. Just like two different sides of every story, using Cheesy pick up lines have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Using of cheesy pick up lines has certain advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows:
1. With the use of funny pickup lines, it is easy to create a funny conversation with your partner. Why be serious always? Use funny pickup lines and add some laughter to you lives.
2. You can convey your dirty intentions in a simple manner by using some dirty pickup lines that are funny at the same time and don’t hurt the other person’s feelings.
3. Using pickup lines makes it easier for you to compliment someone in a witty manner.
These are the advantages that you get when you use pickup lines with your partner.

Disadvantages of Cheesy pick up lines
If you take a look at the other side if the coin, cheesy lines have disadvantages in addition to advantages. Some of the disadvantages are:
1. Using excessive pickup lines can be irritating for your partner at times. So, in the process of being funny and attractive don’t end up being an irritating person. Use them well.
2. Choice of a right pickup line is difficult. Choose the one that is sweet, funny and decent at the same time. After all, simple is always the best.
3. Some pickup lines are overly cheesy. By cheesy it certainly means, cheesy to a level that might hurt someone’s feelings. Avoid using such lines.
While you use cheesy pick up lines you might end up being a hero or just a retard. So, use them well for an ever lasting impact on your partner. It is up to you how you use them in your favour.