10 quick steps to making your chat BoT

You can build a facebook bot without writing codes . All you need to know and do, is these few simple 10 steps to get you through it. Amico.oi helps you create you create chat bot, without writing codes.ASeeyou need to do is just fill out a simple form and every thing is done and working. Here are these simple Ten steps to Making your own Chat BoT.

1) click on, or type in the URL on your Browser, Amico.oi
2) If you are a new user to Amico.oi, create an account and sign up for free, if you have already signed up. Then you sign in ,into your account.
3) fill the first form you see, enter your Facebook ID, your Facebook token that can be generated for you.
4)Click the get started button on the left hand corner of the page.
5) When you click on that ,yoy will see a menu ,with button, stating; when “Receive”, this gives you a drop down menu, showing you ” Text” . You fill in the kind of Text or message you want the Facebook bot to respond to.
6)” Fill in only keywords separated by (% or |) e.g ( buy%bag%shoe)
7) After that, you can also choose “Click” to select the button, that will give you a drop down menu if you want the facebook bot to respond, when a user to clicks a particular button.
8) Next, click on the “BoT will” it shows you a drop down menu,
9) You fill in what you want the facebook bot to respond with, when someone fills in a particular text, that is make a comment. These responses you fill in are matched up with the anticipated text from the user to ensure that the Facebook bot gives all the right and accurate response like a human would.
10) See a preview before saving.